Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty

Written by Michael Federico
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Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons employ the latest techniques in reshaping their clients' noses. The procedure alters the size and shape of the nose and, in doing so, can change the overall shape and appearance of the face. Due to the extreme physical changes it can affect on a person, the decision of whether to undergo the rhinoplasty procedure often takes years for a person to make. In many cases where the procedure is done to relieve breathing problems, septoplasty will also be performed.

Rhinoplasty remains a popular surgical procedure for a very simple reason. A lot of people just don't like their noses. They see the surgery as a chance to bring out all the features of their faces they are happy with. Beverly Hills rhinoplasty clinics treat many who make a living based on their appearance and many who simply want to look like they do. This added bit of pressure has actually led many surgeons in the area to develop completely unique methods in order to separate themselves from the pack.

Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty actually is used to reshape skin as well as bone and cartilage. The cartilage can be used as a graft in the process, as well. The overall shape of the nose is determined with the client in pre-surgery consultation. Individual characteristics of a client's appearance as well as their desired look are taken into consideration.
Following surgery in a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty clinic, a patient's nose is packed with gauze. They remain in place for several days and assist with the reshaping process. When the gauze are removed and swelling subsides, a patient will begin to see the shape of their new nose.

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