Los Angeles Breast Lift

Written by Michael Federico
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Los Angeles breast lift procedures aren't just for women anymore. Gynecomastia, or male chest surgery, has enabled a growing number of men to experience the benefits that traditional breast lifts have to offer. While this aspect of the field is barely past the infant stage, women who choose to undergo mastopexy still make up the majority of clients for Los Angeles breast lift practitioners.

No matter how healthy a life someone leads, age will eventually take its toll. Age can cause the breasts to sag. These affects can be heightened by pregnancy or a number of other factors. A lift can return the breasts to a more youthful shape, firmness, and position.

Undergoing a Los Angeles Breast Lift

L.A. plastic surgeons employ many of the same techniques that are used in clinics around the country. However, they are usually the first to introduce new methods and technologies into the procedure. Incisions are made around the nipple, sometimes extending to the underside of the breast. The skin and chest muscles are tightened to create the preferred shape. Many times, breast lifts can be accompanied by implants. This does more to drastically change one's appearance and also helps maintain the breasts' new shape.

Women who choose to undergo mastopexy and men who seek gynecomastia have a number of Los Angeles breast lift specialists to choose from. To attract clients, many plastic surgeons in the area offer extra services. Some will even bring in "lifestylists" to consult with patients on make-up, fashion, and image enhancement.

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