Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Written by Michael Federico
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Los Angeles plastic surgery is a profession that has been satirized in movies, chronicled in documentaries, and popularized by a new hit TV show. America's fascination with not only plastic surgery, but the men and women who perform it, has spawned a veritable cottage industry for entertainment executives. A Los Angeles plastic surgeon is seen as someone who has an exorbitant amount of money, is highly skilled, and often possessed with the arrogance that accompanies that skill. However, like most things on the big and small screen, details tend to get exaggerated. That exorbitant amount of money thing does have some merit, though.

In reality, many Los Angeles plastic surgeons are considered to be leaders in the field. They have pioneered new techniques in almost every aspect of cosmetic surgery. They also continue to introduce new practices to the rest of the country.

Treatments Provided by a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

The list of services and procedures performed by a Los Angeles plastic surgeon seems to grow each year. However, there are several that remain the most popular. Liposuction continues to attract more people than any other treatment. People can have excess fat removed and have portions of their bodies sculpted. Those who wish to have their nose reshaped for either cosmetic or medical reasons can undergo rhinoplasty. Botox, facelifts, skin peels, and eyelid surgery can eliminate wrinkles and produce a more youthful look for clients. Breast augmentation and tummy tucks continue to attract people who wish to drastically alter their appearance.

Most plastic surgeries do not require long stays in hospitals or clinics. They are typically outpatient procedures that allow for a brief recovery time onsite. Some do require overnight stays in private clinics or medical attention at home, but even those only keep people out of work for about 10 to 14 days.

Other Services a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Can Provide

The medical procedures performed in L.A. can be found at large clinics throughout the United States. However, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon will often cater to all a client's makeover needs. Hair stylists, clothing specialists, make-up designers, and image consultants can be brought in to aid in the transformation process.

These bonus services were created in large part to attract L.A.'s rich and famous. They have, however, attracted many clients from outside of the state as well. As more surgeons try to establish practices in L.A., more special services appear.

Contacting a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Diving into a phone book may not be the best way to find a Los Angeles plastic surgeon. There are a lot, and not all have the same credentials. Some surgeons, in order to inform the public of their benefits and broaden their appeal, have created websites. It is possible to research a Los Angeles plastic surgeon's schooling, experience, and techniques. Most also provide several ways to contact their offices.

Once contact has been made, a general consultation can take place. Obviously, the client will need to meet face to face with the surgeon for more in-depth counseling. This first meeting, however, can inform a client's decision in going with a specific Los Angeles plastic surgeon.

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