Los Angeles Rhinoplasty

Written by Michael Federico
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Los Angeles rhinoplasty can almost be viewed as an entirely unique procedure. Obviously, nose reshaping takes place at plastic surgery practices all over the world. However, doctors in L.A. tend to approach the procedure from an entirely different angle.

Thousands of aspiring actors head to L.A. each year. Those that are lucky enough to get a foot in the door are often exposed to very frank discussions regarding their appearance. Many walk away from meetings with agents or managers believing that a "nose job" is simply one more step on the path to fame. In a way, this has forced Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeons into the entertainment business. Creating the look that gets one person started will, no doubt, lead others through their doors.

Medical Benefits of Los Angeles Rhinoplasty

In spit of, or due to the demands of Hollywood, most Los Angeles rhinoplasty specialists are highly regarded plastic surgeons with skills and training that are unrivaled in the field. For patients who see nose reshaping not as an image issue, but as a health issue, L.A. is still one of the best places to seek treatment. Los Angeles rhinoplasty clinics have the technology and the staff to effectively treat many breathing and sleeping disorders through nose reshaping, and more specifically, septoplasty.

The procedure is generally performed with the patient under general anesthesia or local sedation. Some bruising and swelling will occur. Discomfort, however, tends to pass rapidly, and most will see a marked difference in appearance and their breathing within a week.

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