Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Written by Joy MacKay
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If you've had a disfigurement occur on your face or body, plastic reconstructive surgery can be the answer. Many people undergo plastic reconstructive surgery each year. Reasons for plastic reconstructive surgery include birth defects, trauma, poor past surgeries, and surgical scars.

If you have any abnormality like these on your body or face, you might consider plastic reconstructive surgery. It is a great way to return your body or face to its natural state. Because of the stigma of these aesthetic problems, plastic reconstructive surgery can help your mind as well as your body.

A Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Story

My friend Jolie had a large scar on her stomach after scraping it against a jutting rock while climbing in the mountains. While she got medical attention, the scar was always a point of embarrassment for her. She felt unattractive, and refused to wear a bikini.

It was a tragedy for this girl to feel so awful about herself, especially considering how beautiful she really was. Finally, she underwent plastic reconstructive surgery, and the scar all but disappeared! She now feels great about herself, and attracts a lot of attention when she wears that two-piece!

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