Plastic Surgery For Men

Written by Michael Federico
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Plastic surgery for men has slowly gained popularity over the past decade. Men undergo many of the same procedures as women. Face lifts, Botox injections, liposuction, and tummy tucks are still performed on more women than men, but the number of males seeking treatment increases each year.

There are also procedures, such as gynecomastia, that are male variations on long standing treatments for women. This plastic surgery for men is, in essence, a breast lift. Like mastopexy for women, it tightens skin and muscle in the chest. Many men experience sagging in this area due to factors including, but not limited to, aging, obesity, or extreme weight loss.

Plastic Surgery for Men in Southern California

Beverly Hills and Los Angeles are at the center of plastic surgery for men and women. It is not difficult to find highly skilled surgeons who are able to perform an array of procedures. Men seeking to partake in hair transplants, calf implants, eyelid lifts, and much more can do so in an extremely unique environment. Centers that provide plastic surgery for men in Beverly Hills and L.A. offer clients a variety of perks that they can enjoy before and after their procedures.

Preliminary treatment consultations with doctors can give a client a chance to allay any fears they may have about undergoing plastic surgery. Surgeons can also show the projected outcome of the procedure. This meeting also gives one a chance to see the results of a surgeon's past work. Plastic surgery for men can take its toll both physically and mentally on a patient. It is essential for someone in Southern California, or anywhere else, to find a surgeon that works in a way that ensures safety and as much comfort as possible.

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