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Plastic Surgery Pros And Cons

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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Thumb through any fashion or celebrity-oriented magazine. Bodies are ultra-thin. Breasts appear to have the qualities of ripe apples, not a sag among them. Tummies are flat and love handles non-existent. No one is sporting a hefty double chin or droopy neck. One quick perusal of faces might make you wonder if these people have an anti-aging gene the rest of us were not born with. How is it possible at an advanced age to have skin completely devoid of a single crease or brownish spot? No crinkles around the eyes or sagging eyelids, or thinning lips will betray their true age because plastic surgery has tampered with the natural aging process in an attempt to turn back the clock.

Taken to extremes, the look of a person who is addicted to plastic surgery can appear mask-like and unflattering. There is something disturbing about a 70-year-old who is on a mission to trick us into believing that he or she is 35. While this might seem like an extreme example, the reasons for undergoing plastic surgery should be examined carefully before making the decision to alter the body.

People living with a deformity or physical trait that calls attention to itself in a negative way, often gain new self-esteem and confidence in dealing with the world, after plastic surgery. The benefits are clear, which make the risks, seem worth it.

What are your goals and expectations regarding surgery? Are you depressed and counting on a face-lift to magically change your life? Are you hoping that a breast augmentation is the solution to a marriage that is falling apart? Are you fixated upon achieving a look to match that of your favorite actress? These reasons are suspect. Plastic surgery cannot change who you are inside, or provide a magic fix for life’s failures and disappointments.

How can you tell if your decision to go ahead with a cosmetic procedure is a healthy one? The first step is consultation with at least one highly recommended, respected plastic surgeon. Have this discussion with him or her. Look at before and after pictures and if at all possible, consult with surgeons who have performed surgeries upon people you know. Personal recommendations are valuable.
A good surgeon will let you know if your expectations are unreasonable.

Remember that plastic surgery is both a skill and an art and not all results can be perfectly predicted. Scarring, especially if you are a smoker or have a history of heart problems, is common. There are many risks associated with any invasive surgery. Take the time to decide if it is right for you. For instance, a woman with extremely large breasts might be very pleased with her breast reduction surgery. Sleep is improved, exercising is not uncomfortable anymore and clothing fits better.

Societal pressure to appear as youthful and unblemished as possible, is compelling. However, if you allow Hollywood to define personal beauty, you devalue aging. Be proud of your individuality and cling to it. Choose a surgeon wisely, and opt for modest outcomes. A little change might be sufficient enough to give you a big boost.

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