Southern California Facelift

Written by Michael Federico
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Southern California facelift surgeons see first hand what aging, over exposure to sunlight, drinking, and smoking can do to the skin. Of all the people in America, Southern Californians seem to be the most dedicated to basking in the UV rays. The weather in the Golden State allows them to do this comfortably almost year-round. The moderate temperatures they love so much have caused many in the area to see premature signs of aging on their faces.

Combine the love of the outdoors with the high premium put on image that pervades the land of movie stars and swimmin' pools and you get quite a large clientele for Southern California facelift practices. Add in the fact that many of those clients are some of the wealthiest people in America, and it is clear that plastic surgery is big business in Southern California. There is no way to measure what a society considers to be truly beautiful, but TV and movies have done their best to decide for everyone. This has caused more to people to view plastic surgery as a viable cosmetic option.

Southern California Facelift Clinics

The facelift is one of the oldest plastic surgeries. Most who specialize in the treatment have seen the procedure take enormous leaps forward. Incisions are made in locations that best hide scarring, patients can generally leave the clinic on the day of the surgery, and recovery time continues to be cut down.

Southern California facelift clinics have access to the very latest technology. Also, many lead the field in research and development. This has led to better training and has helped the region establish generations of surgeons who are at the top of their profession.

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