Bone Growth Stimulator

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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A bone growth stimulator is most usually an electrical current applied to a break or fracture that, hopefully, will stimulate bone growth and help the bone to repair itself. This is necessary when a bone isn't healing properly on its own, or when a bone is taking too long to heal. Using a bone growth stimulator may sound like a risky process, but it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1996.

A bone growth stimulator can be implanted within the body or used in a non--invasive way outside the body. The implanted stimulators apply a non-stop current to the fracture, causing the convex side of the bone to become positively charged (and the concave side negatively charged). Charging the affected bone in this way is thought to speed up the healing process.

A Non-Electrical Bone Growth Stimulator

If the process described above sounds scary and invasive, you're not alone. After researching this process, I decided to find out if where were ways I could make my bones stronger on a daily basis. By strengthening your bones before you're in a situation where they could break, you can potentially avoid slow-healing bones or the necessity of using an electrical stimulator to heal them.

Bone density is the key to this process. The density of your bones decreases over time and leaves you vulnerable to worse breakages and the effects of osteoporosis. You can, however, fight back: it has been proven that calcium and magnesium can rebuild your bone density in anywhere from one to three years.

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