Calcium Supplement Absorption

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Calcium supplement absorption is something you need to pay attention to if you are taking a supplement to prevent calcium deficiency. Many supplements are not actually as beneficial as they seem, as they are not completely absorbed by the body. It is very important to find a supplement that gives you calcium and magnesium in a form that is easily digestible and broken down by the body, to ensure you are getting the maximum value for your money.

The best calcium supplement is one that has a very high ratio of solubility. If your supplement is not water-soluble or in ionic form, it will simply pass through the body without being absorbed, leaving you with little or no health benefits. If you want your minerals to be absorbed quickly and easily, they will have to be in ionic form.

Why Is Ionic Form So Important for Calcium Supplement Absorption?

Some calcium supplements will claim to be "organic," making them seem like a higher quality calcium product. This is incorrect, however, since medical studies have proven that both magnesium and calcium are absorbed by the body in ionic form. Minerals in ionic forms are absorbed by our cells, rather than simply passed through the body (as most organic forms of minerals are).

For the best rate of calcium supplement absorption, look for a supplement that delivers the minerals you want in an ionic, easy to absorb form. Many people waste money on supplements that don't deliver the right form of nutrients, and end up wasting their money. A little smart shopping can save you money and increase your body's efficiency.

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