Immune System Boosting

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Immune system boosting is a popular topic in pop culture these days. Juice and smoothie bars are the leaders in offering immune system vitamin supplements in their beverages. Although boosts offer an easy way to shore up your body's defenses against bacteria and viruses, they are not (and should not be) the primary method of keeping your immune system healthy.

There are many good reasons to try to strengthen immune system. Viruses mutate in response to vaccines, becoming stronger and more virulent. The high chemical content of the food we eat as well as the constant exposure to pollution can all weaken the average person's immune system.

Immune System Boosting is Easy and Beneficial

There are many safe and easy ways to go about immune system boosting. Most of these methods involve adding natural and herbal products into your dietary regimen. Substances as disparate as fish oil, bee pollen, and Echinacea have all been shown to increase the effectiveness of your immune system when taken over long periods of time. Mineral supplements are also effective in counteracting the effects of foods that lack the essential nutrients needed by your immune system.

Many forms of mineral supplements can't be properly broken down and assimilated by the body. The most beneficial kind are water-soluble or oxygenated; the more oxygen your cells have, the more toxins they can fight. Mineral deficiencies are responsible for the inability of our immune system to protect us from both common problems, such as cold and flu, as well as more serious diseases, such as hepatitis and malaria.

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