Immune System Vitamin

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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An immune system vitamin is a great way to boost the toxin-fighting ability of your immune system. Most people do not realize how complex the immune system is: it consists of its own circulatory system and a group of specialized cells. Lymph nodes are a part of this circulatory system, carrying white blood cells to your tissues and bloodstream.

Within your bones, in the spongy tissue known as bone marrow, grow the special B cell and T cells that serve your immune system. B cells strengthen immune system by pointing out toxins that need to be destroyed. T cells attack and kill the toxins marked by the B cells. Both kinds of cells need to be healthy for the immune system to function properly.

How an Immune System Vitamin Can Help

B and T cell production can only be maximized when your body has its full complement of vitamins and minerals. If you are lacking zinc, calcium, or magnesium, your body won't be able to produce as many immune system cells as it may need. An immune system supplement might be just what you need to step up your body's defenses.

An immune system vitamin should contain minerals in ionic form, since that's how they can best be absorbed by the body. Vitamins that claim to be organic won't be any more useful; unless those minerals are in ionic form, the ion channels in your body won't get full use of the supplement. The body can easily recognize and assimilate minerals only when they are in their ionic form, so to get all the beneficial results of a supplement, pay attention and shop for this type of supplement.

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