Leg And Cramp And Causes

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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If you suffer from the occasional leg and foot cramps (like I do), the leg and cramp and causes are sources of pain and frustration for you. As an avid jogger, I look forward to my daily run each day as I drive home from work, and when that pleasure is spoiled by a leg cramp, it makes me wonder what I should be doing differently. Am I not drinking enough water? Am I deficient in vitamins or minerals?

Preventing leg cramps is something you need to take into consideration if you jog frequently. Several of my friends, who also jog on a regular basis, have had the same trouble I've had: painful cramps in the leg and foot soon after returning home from a jog. The most frustrating part is not the pain; the worst part is not being able to understand the leg and cramp and causes.

Possible Reasons for Leg And Cramp And Causes

When my leg and foot cramps severely halted my jogging schedule, I decided to do some research and get to the bottom of the problem. I found that there is no easy answer. Different doctors suggested causes as varied as dehydration, improper or insufficient stretching, or the effects of extreme temperatures.

Cramps happen most often when a muscle is fatigued yet repeatedly stimulated. When your overstimulated muscles can't relax, they send the signal for a cramp all the way to your nervous system. The cramp will continue until this signal is broken. Stretching the affected muscle is the most immediate way to stop the pain, but the muscle can remain fatigued and cramp again if you are not careful.

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