Leg Cramp Treatment

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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There are many different opinions as to the proper leg cramp treatment. Keeping yourself supplied with electrolytes is important (most sports drinks come fortified with plenty). If you're concerned about electrolytes, the following foods are well stocked: baked potatoes, fish, raisins, and shrimp.

For instant cramp relief, stretch and massage the muscle. Keep the muscle in a stretched-out position until you feel it relax. Be sure to stretch for longer than you might think necessary; often the cramp will return right after you release the stretched pose if the muscle isn't properly relaxed yet.

Popular Methods of Leg Cramp Treatment

If you are afflicted with night leg cramps, try stretching for about ten minutes before you go to bed. Heating pads can also help relax stressed muscles and help them get through the night without cramping. If none of this works and you get leg and foot cramps during the night, stretch your calf by reaching for your toes and pulling them toward you.

Magnesium is also another helpful agent for leg cramp treatment. Because it supports the nerves and muscles in your body, adequate magnesium in your diet may be a key to staying cramp-free. Many online vendors and nutrition stores sell magnesium supplements and will help you decide on a dosage that is right for you, based on your height, weight, and exercise habits.

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