Treating Lower Back Pain

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Treating lower back pain is an inexact science, as anyone who has ever experienced it will know. Four out of five adults will experience moderate to severe lower back pain; as a result, it's hardly surprising that lower back pain relief is a multi--billion dollar industry. In terms of lost work productivity, only the cold and flu rank higher among the list of culprits.

Treating lower back pain will depend specifically on what causes your pain. Some types of lower backache are congenital, such as scoliosis. Non--congenital types are generally caused by improper lifting technique, poor posture, and weak muscles. There are simple and easy ways you can adapt your lifestyle to help eliminate these sources of back pain.

Treating Lower Back Pain is Easy

Some of the easiest methods of relieving lower back pain are also the most effective. It is very important to have a proper lifting technique when picking heavy objects up from ground level. Always lift with your legs, pushing up from the thighs. Never ever lift with your back!

You might also think that bed rest is common for most cases; however, activity can actually help speed up your recovery. Keeping the muscles in your back flexible and loose will lessen the time it takes for you to convalescence. Keep your activity at less than half the level it was before your injury, and consult your doctor before continuing with your exercise regimen.

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