Zinc Supplements

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Zinc supplements are often overlooked in favor of iron supplements or a magnesium supplement. Zinc is an incredibly important antioxidant, however, and can help your body fight off bacterial and viral infections. Zinc fights off these infections by attacking the bacteria and viruses, destroying their ability to replicate within your bloodstream.

Zinc also aids in the proper assimilation of vitamins. If our diets don't include the proper amount of zinc, we can be at risk for poor digestion and a slow metabolism. In general, zinc helps our bodies fight off illness, recover more quickly if we do succumb, and repair any damage to our immune systems.

Why Your Body May Need Zinc Supplements

Zinc deficiency is very dangerous, especially in pregnant women. A zinc-deficient pregnancy can result in the birth of a child with Downs Syndrome, cleft palate, or umbilical cord hernias. A more common effect of zinc deficiency is underarm odor (as a result, the active ingredient in most common deodorants is zinc).

It's difficult for your body to break down zinc, which is why most people don't get enough of it from the foods they eat. Zinc is a compound-forming mineral, but the human body is not very good at breaking down compounds and only water-soluble zinc can be effectively utilized by the body. Zinc supplements can provide this elemental zinc, so crucial in its water-soluble form.

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