Cpr Training In Ri

Written by Shirley Parker
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CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is one of those medical actions that only trained people should perform. However, training classes are available in almost every community. Certainly, those with a chapter of the American Red Cross have access to these lifesaving techniques. In fact, since February of 2003, the Boy Scouts of America have had a training agreement with the American Red Cross and are authorized to provide Red Cross training classes. Now, even more people can be reached to learn CPR techniques.

The Red Cross has a long history of invaluable emergency response in the United States, and through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, throughout the world. Teaching classes in First Aid is a long-standing tradition, also. For example, American Red Cross of Rhode Island provides a long list of training opportunities that the public or their employers can participate in for a reasonable fee.

One seven-hour course offered by the Red Cross trains individuals and families in Adult, Infant and Child CPR for $45 per person enrolled. Other classes include Babysitter Training, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Essentials, CPR with AED, CPR for the Pro Rescuer, Community First Aid, Health & Safety Instruction, Sports Safety Training, Water Safety, and more. Other private organizations also offer similar instruction in Rhode Island and elsewhere in CPR, AED, and other emergency techniques. Classes can be taught in the home or business. Equipment and techniques tend to be up-to-date and may be taught to the standards of the American Heart Association.


We have seen video of firefighters administering oxygen to dogs and cats rescued from burning buildings. Now, CPR techniques are also available, and emergency personnel can learn advanced techniques for treating pets. The pet owner can follow basic techniques, though additional hazards (such as reflexive dog bites from an otherwise non-responsive animal) may be present. The Red Cross and other professionals offer a class in Pet CPR, and Dr. Lori Feldman, DVM of Connecticut and Dr. Henry Feldman, M.D. of New York, have prepared a very helpful brochure.

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