Hazmat Regulations

Written by Shirley Parker
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HazMat Regulations (HMR) are extensive, detailed, and updated frequently. In fact, a Hazmat News Center is maintained online. To orient the reader of the core law, it provides general information, regulations and definitions. From there, they go to a table listing hazardous materials, special provisions, communications, emergency response information, and of course, training requirements for those charged with handling situations that involve hazardous materials.

Sections that follow provide more details. For example, shippers must meet general requirements for shipments and packagings (Part 173), but then specific, additional essentials are listed. Mode of carriage is categorized by: rail (Part 174), aircraft (Part 175), vessel (as in marine shipments) (Part 176), and public highway (Part 177). Specifications are provided for packagings and for tank cars, followed by additional information.

A late headline in regulatory news is the revision of requirements for hazardous materials being transported by aircraft. Proposed changes include clarifying the manner in which Part 175 applies, and providing new spacing intervals for radioactive materials that are being shipped. The federal DOT website has more information.

The Compliance Center

The website maintained by the Compliance Center contains a great deal of useful information on international regulations on worldwide hazard communication. A newsletter for those in the industry carries extremely useful articles on various types of hazardous materials that must be shipped, training materials, and environmental news. It also reports the latest safety advisories, such as unauthorized marking of high-pressure compressed gas cylinders that supposedly were not tested properly.

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