Supervisor Safety Training

Written by Shirley Parker
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Supervisory responsibilities for safety tend to be burdensome. A supervisor's training will encompass many areas and may last from one day to a week or several weeks, when all class hours are totaled. Classes may cover walking and working surfaces, exits from buildings, confined spaces (where needed), machinery, and electrical safety. These and other required topics, including ergonomics and protection of hearing, would generally meet a 30-hour objective required by OSHA.

On the other hand, a one-day class may cover site surveillance and assessment, enforcement of safety and environmental conservation rules, and an employer's liability for infractions. A great deal of whatever a supervisor learns in training must be taught to whichever group of employees is affected by the specific safety hazards. Added to these responsibilities may be public information and media communication, although these duties will often be the bailiwick of a separate staff in a large company.

A supervisor's safety knowledge and her attitude towards enforcement of the training she provides has a definite effect on morale, on accident-free days, and the cooperation of the staff, not to mention the bottom line. Employers do not like to be held legally liable for mishaps in the workplace, so a good safety supervisor is worth her weight in gold or any other precious metal.

Training Available for Hazardous Waste and Emergency Procedures

If local resources can't provide them, an online search will bring up school locations where supervisors can attend safety training and learn emergency procedures, such as First Aid for injuries and CPR. Often, the training is needed to be in compliance with state and federal laws, especially when hazardous materials handling and disposal are on that list. While a supervisor may need training to enter confined spaces, that specialty is often best left to full-time rescue personnel, or to others who may be more limber.

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