Balance Mind And Body

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Learning to balance mind and body is not easy for most of us. We're not trained to think in terms of our internal selves and external selves; we just seem to muddle through life with no particular plan. It's significant that a lot of successful people learn to bring the different parts of themselves into harmony and use both the internal and the external as powerful combined tools for life.

Taking Steps to Balance Mind and Body

There are some basic guidelines for success when you want to balance mind and body. Getting enough sleep and the right food are essential. No matter what else you do, if you are seriously short of sleep or eating all the wrong things, balance and harmony will elude you. To the contrary, when you make sure you have enough restful sleep and you take care to nourish your body with the best food you can find, achieving harmony will seem almost effortless to you.

Although none of us can ever completely eliminate stress from our lives, in order to balance mind and body it's important to take steps to remove any really serious stressors from our lives. Stress need not be in the form of an unpleasant co-worker, or money worries, as we usually imagine. Physical stress can also result from being exposed to industrial chemicals, pollution, or anything that constantly puts a strain on our body's defenses. If you are aware that you're being stressed in this way it's important to eliminate all sources of environmental stress as soon as you can.

It stands to reason that to balance mind and body you're going to have to take a long hard look at your human interactions. If you are constantly in contact with someone, or even more than one person, who "rubs you up the wrong way," you may need to make a decision about whether the job or relationship that is the source of this contact is actually useful in your life, or more of a liability. Talking over your problems with the people concerned may be an option, or discussing the situation with a work supervisor. Taking all of these preliminary steps to balance your life must precede any attempts to use personal growth tools.

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