Written by Patricia Skinner
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Enlightenment is, essentially, knowledge. The word itself is most often used in relation to spiritual knowledge, but in fact it can be any kind of knowledge; it is that which takes mankind to his full potential. What's important to know about enlightenment is that if you really want it, you can achieve it.

Yes, that's right, anyone can achieve enlightenment. Not just a select few. The rules of life are the same for anyone. The difference between those who achieve enlightenment and those who don't is simply that some want it a lot more than others. You, or any one of us, can achieve anything you really want to.

Attaining Enlightenment

For millennia enlightenment has been associated with mystical powers, probably because those who achieve enlightenment seem mystical to the masses who cannot understand how they got where they are. Just a few examples of people who have achieved an enlightened state in any field are Enstein, for example, a modern day scientist who used the powers of meditation. But think of the people who have influenced us for hundreds of years; Moses, Jesus and Mohamed all practiced seclusion, where they would meditate in their own ways. There can be no doubt that these three were enlightened!

Getting to know yourself is the first stage of any path to enlightenment. Meditation can be key to this process. Even from the very beginning of your meditation you will probably feel that you are closer to the knowledge you seek, as your thinking becomes clearer and you achieve focus.

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