Health Coach

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For those who are concerned about their health and are looking to make positive changes, there are many resources to turn to. One of the most effective is a health coach. A health coach can help you get back into shape (or just get into shape to begin with) by challenging everything you think you know about diet and exercise. It's no secret that obesity is an epidemic in America, but much of the reason for that is simply the preponderance of misinformation. A health coach can provide a beacon of knowledge and reason among all the scrambled health information out there.

One of the first things your health coach will do is help you design a healthful but workable diet. As with any type of goal setting, it's important to make reasonable marks for yourself when overhauling your diet. Don't suddenly decide to give up all desserts at once; you'll never make it. Instead, try phasing them out slowly. Then, once you've done that you can set about eliminating fast food from your routine.

A Health Coach Looks at the Full Picture

In addition to changing your eating habits, your health coach will likely set you on an exercise regimen. Again, he or she doesn't have to be a certified trainer to help you understand a few basic principles. One of the biggest differences a coach can make is forcing you to track your progress. So many people start going to the gym but never document how much they lift, how far they run, or how many calories they burn. How in the world will they ever know if they're making progress?

Finally, a good health coach will factor in your psychological well-being. Typically, improving your diet and exercise regimen is a sure-fire way to boost your spirits. But some people require a little more work, or even medication, to get through their malaise. While a health coach is not necessarily a clinical physician, he or she may be able to refer you to one to help you get back on track.

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