Improving Communication Skills

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Communication underlies success in any endeavor. A great quarterback will never lead his team to the Super Bowl if each player on the team isn't exactly clear on who's getting the ball and where. Similarly, an effective military general must not only be able to draw up a thorough battle plan, but ensure that every troop in his squadron or battalion knows his role. This can only be done through outstanding communication. If you're dedicated to improving communication skills, a personal coach might be helpful.

Do you know what you want to say but have trouble saying it? A great personal coach can give you skills that will help you more clearly define your thinking. And once your thoughts are coherent, communicating them becomes infinitely easier. Of course, there are also skills for this aspect of communication, such as voice work, modulation, breathing, and diction exercises.

The Art of Improving Communication Skills

Improving communication skills can be a life-long pursuit. Even the most effective orators are always searching for new and inventive ways of getting their messages across. Consider the advertising industry. A huge corporate behemoth such as Coca Cola or McDonalds dedicates mind-boggling resources to new campaigns. You can probably even think of five different taglines or promotional strategies used by each of these companies. But if they're so successful, why do they need to keep changing their message?

The fact is, companies like Coke and McDonalds are deeply attuned to their customers as well as the latest trends in advertising. Being an effective communicator is not much different. You must know the audience you're addressing as well as take advantage of all the latest communications strategies. Whether that means learning a new language, improving your vocabulary, or mastering new software, your personal coach can help get you started.

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