Improving Leadership Skills

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Improving leadership skills isn't a benefit that most companies come right out and advertise when they're recruiting employees. Then, when it comes time to promote someone from within, management always seems to choose someone with demonstrated leadership ability. So what gives? Are companies in the game of bettering their employees or not?

Judging by the way in which leaders are continually pushed up the food chain, that leadership quality is an indispensable asset. But how do you go about learning to be a leader? Aren't leaders, as the saying goes, simply born? Like most complicated questions, the answer is a resounding maybe. Some qualities such as strength and charisma seem to be hard-coded in us at birth. But more and more it seems that success skills are actually quite possible to learn--which means they're also teachable.

A Coach for Improving Leadership Skills

No one can rightly say just what sort of strange alchemy makes for a good leader. Strength, sincerity, and good looks may all play a part, but you have less control over those factors than other important ones such as communication ability. Here is where career coaches can work their magic. They may not be able to give you a stronger nose or forehead, but they can teach you how to clarify your ideas and present them more effectively. If you are looking to advance, then a career coach might be a worthwhile investment.

One thing that corporate managers always seem to note is that their employees are usually great at finding problems. Some workers even go the extra mile and concoct strong solutions to those problems. But rare is the individual who can not only diagnose and prescribe, but present that prescription in a clear and compelling manner. Improving leadership skills requires an odd mix of intuition, talent, and hard work. Working with a career coach on these skills is certainly a viable option.

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