Mantra Meditation

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Mantra meditation is the use of sound vibrations to facilitate deep relaxation. While meditating a person will repeat a chosen sound or word to produce the required vibrations. It's only one of the many different methods of meditation and while it works well for some, others find it doesn't really give them what they're looking for.

While some experts maintain that the mantra you use for your mantra meditation is not that important, others contend that to the contrary, choosing your mantra is an essential part of the process. To begin with, if the word or even phrase you choose has special meaning to you, it could well have a positive effect on your meditation experience. Also, different words give off different vibrations and this can have a significant effect too.

Origins of Mantra Meditation

It seems that the original intention of mantra meditation was to keep repeating a sound that would divert the mind and so facilitate transcendence of thought. Since it is our thought processes that often promote stress, this method can be particularly helpful to those who find it difficult to resist the distractions of everyday life in order to meditate. So while it might work to pick any word you like to meditate with, experts often recommend some specific sounds.

This is where an experienced meditation guide may well come in handy. Your guide will be able to teach you the proper, legitimate mantras so that you can see for yourself how effective they are. This way you will be able to experiment with proper mantras to see which is the most appropriate for your own meditation needs too.

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