Meditation And Stress

Written by Patricia Skinner
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It is many people's understanding that meditation and stress are mutually exclusive. This is a slightly erroneous concept because, like stress, meditation is not a static condition. The human being does not reach a place and stay there; life is a constant journey. While you may reach a place of extreme relaxation and be very successful with your meditation, this doesn't mean that you'll never again have a problem with stress. It will require a lifetime of vigilance.

Truths about Meditation and Stress

It is also true that, no matter how stressed you are as a person, and no matter how bad your physical and spiritual state, it doesn't mean that you won't be able to make progress and benefit from personal growth tools such as meditation. The thing to do is to realize that there is always room for change. We must create a personal goal for ourselves and move towards it firmly and unwaveringly. Realize that meditation and stress can both be a part of our lives.

Of course, while we all recognize that relaxation and meditation are good for us, we should also realize that not all stress is bad either. Stress that we cannot cope with is destructive. But the kind of stress that keeps us on our toes is a necessary part of life. All successful people welcome the stress of the challenges of everyday life. If you embrace the necessary stress in your life with meditation, then it too can be a potential too for personal growth.

Successful meditation and stress that stimulates us will help us to get our lives into perspective. Stress only arises usually because we get our priorities wrong. Once we refuse to be overwhelmed by a series of external stimuli that have little bearing on the quality of our lives, then we can recognize what's truly important and begin working towards that.

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