Meditation Supplies

Written by Patricia Skinner
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While traditionally meditation can be practiced without any support except peace and quiet, modern meditators favor a few meditation supplies to set the mood and make their meditation more of a special experience. There are any one of a number of accessories that different people like to use to help them on their journey of self discovery. Whatever you choose depends on your personal preference.

List of Meditation Supplies

Common meditation supplies include mats, incense and candles. It is also pleasant to set the mood with some meditation music, whatever you consider that to be. It could be Native American Indian, traditional Indian music, or even Celtic music has become very popular. If you want to include music in your list of meditation supplies, all you really need is something that helps you relax and creates a serene atmosphere for you.

Mats are another popular item, along with a selection of different seats and cushions. Again, you can use anything that makes you feel comfortable and provides you with the degree of support that you need. Some people lie on a soft carpet or their own bed. Others prefer to sit. Whichever position helps you to achieve a meditative state is the one that is right for you.

Incense or aromatherapy oils are vital meditation supplies for some. Sensory stimulators can be very effective at transporting us into a relaxed state. In addition, the right scent can give us a powerful spiritual or emotional lift. Beautiful smells are indeed a luxury that can raise our experiences to something beyond the ordinary. The right incense or oil can be so powerful for the individual that some people can slip right into meditation simply from smelling it!

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