Personal Coach

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A personal coach can get help you get through everything from an upcoming career change to a devastating breakup. No matter how ambitious or frivolous your goals may be, there are always bound to be some strategies that are better than others for achieving them. And it's the job of a personal coach to be able to apply the best methods for obtaining your reward.

Personal coaches often provide you with an objective, third-party opinion. They will be able to tell what your strengths are, as well as your weaknesses. They can often help you identify what you're looking for in life, and what skills you need to get there. Perhaps most importantly, an effective personal coach will motivate you to make the changes that you've been unsure of or afraid to make.

So how do you set about finding the right personal coach? Well, for one thing, you'll want to consider his or her qualifications. First ask yourself if your prospective coach has found his or her own success. Does this person seem fulfilled? Does he seem to prefer talking over listening? Does she seem to want to be out on the links instead of counseling you through your dilemma? These are a few good questions to start with.

The Credentials of a Personal Coach

Many coaches have come to the field after great success in other industries. You typically find successful business people, ex-athletes, politicos, and artists among the ranks of the career coach. Many of these people have earned distinctions on the field, in the studio, or in the boardroom, that translate to success as a personal coach--but not always. All in all, a passion for helping others and experience in the field provides the recipe for a truly effective personal coach.

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