Personal Growth Programs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Personal growth programs can transform people's lives, and in ways they'd never thought of. If you've defined success in narrow terms until now, a life coach may be what you need to recalibrate your sense of what's important and what's frivolous. So often we get trapped in old ways of thinking. We may find ourselves judging our worth by how many friends we have or how much money we make.

Yes, friends and money have their places--and crucial ones at that--but what if personal growth suddenly becomes a matter of your ability to touch others' lives? You could be working in a low-wage job with few prospects for advancement, but if there's any sense of joy in the work you're doing, that tells you something very important. You may not truly value the things you think you value. You just may never have stopped to reflect honestly on the matter before.

Successful Personal Growth Programs

With the help of your life coach, you'll be able to give yourself this type of honest assessment of your values and beliefs. From there, you can set about finding the type of work, activities, and friendships that accentuate or affirm those values. If you're one of the countless people who make scads and scads of money but are otherwise miserable, you may end up shifting gears and taking on a new career such as teaching or mentoring; typically, life coaches can help with this.

Once you've made this breakthrough, you'll never define growth in quite the same way. Personal growth programs are a great remedy for tired, stale world views and philosophies. If you find yourself feeling bitter or jaded, embarking on a new program of growth and change might be the ideal prescription.

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