Reduce Stress

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you know you need to reduce stress to improve your health and well being, you have several options that you can choose from. The most obvious antidote to stress is to remove the cause. Of course removing stress from your life completely is impossible; we would simply cease to live. But removing unnecessary and unproductive stress can be an important first step to reducing dangerous stress levels.

The kind of superfluous stress I'm talking about here is a job you hate, or a "friendship" that is more of a source of friction and grief than anything else. Whatever kinds of stress you can remove easily, then do so. The rest you'll have to learn to live with, but there are ways to change your response to stress so that it becomes more of a stimulation than a destructive burden.

How to Reduce Stress

Exercise that you really enjoy can be one kind of stress buster. Also, taking time to do something that is meaningful to you, like taking in a sunrise or sunset in a beautiful place, or listening to a beautiful peace of music, or having a conversation with a child you love, can all effectively reduce stress. Take the time to fit these wonderful experiences into your life, because whatever you love to do, it will give your life meaning and structure, and will reduce stress better than any drugs.

Meditation can be another very effective way to reduce stress. The act of meditation itself is very calming, but the after effects of meditation are the real stress busters. You will find your thinking much clearer, and many who practice meditation report feeling a lot more objective about their lives. Being able to make calm, effective choices can often go a long way towards having manageable stress levels.

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