Relationship Coaching

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Relationship coaching is a broad category that can include many different types of relationships. But for all intents and purposes, relationship coaching is about bolstering romantic relationships. If you feel that you and your spouse or significant other are drifting apart or having serious communication problems, then it may be time to call in a relationship coach.

You're undoubtedly familiar with the old saw about relationship coaching--that coaches are the ones with the most dysfunctional relationships. Sometimes this certainly seems to be the case. But just as lots of people are better teachers than doers, so too are many coaches better at counseling than dating (or marriage). Either way, there are valuable lessons to be taken from your coach, especially when it comes to domestic bliss.

The Basic Tenets of Relationship Coaching

Dissecting the roles of men and women in romantic relationships is way too broad a subject to cover in a few short sentences. Add to that the differing dynamics of men and men, as well as women and women, and you've got one complicated mess. This means that you need a coach that will take into account the specifics of your relationship, as well as you and your partner's strengths and weaknesses. With this crucial background information, the best relationship coaches will be able to work on problems and develop effective solutions that can help you for years to come. That said, there are some basic principles apply to healthy relationships in general, and a coach will be able to impart these to you as well.

Tops among these is again the ability to listen and understand. For two people to solve their differences, they must be responsive to one another's needs. But this can only happen when both parties take the time to listen to one another without prejudice, which is easier said than done. Beyond that--and arguably more important--is a willingness on behalf of both parties to even want help in the first place. If that willingness isn't there, there's nothing a coach can do to help save a failing relationship.

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