Self Knowledge

Written by Patricia Skinner
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To reach our full potential we must first achieve a level of self knowledge. Knowing what we are capable of, and what we are not capable of, it an important first step to choosing the right path in life. In order to know ourselves though, we have to get away from the noise and bustle of modern life. This "cacophony" is often the reason we may live our entire lives without getting to know ourselves because we never achieve stillness for long enough.

Practicalities of Self Knowledge

It is important to learn to relax and actively block the energy-draining effects of busy lives. This can be done through any activity that we really enjoy; singing, dancing, exercising or performing any skill that we're really good at are all potent tools for self knowledge. But there is one universal tool for self knowledge.

Learning to meditate can open up many avenues for us all. Whether our goal is to hone skills we already have, discover new things about ourselves, unblock energy channels that are causing pain and illness, or get in touch with our spiritual selves, meditation can help us do it faster and more effectively. We can even learn to reach our full potential at work and thus achieve wealth through meditation.

Many professional athletes and sportsmen use meditation as a tool for self knowledge. This enables them to further hone their abilities, and in an increasingly competitive world can make all the difference. Learning to meditate will teach you to listen to everything that your body and inner mind have to say. This can be very valuable in developing your intuition so that you can listen to your own personal needs; something that hardly anyone does nowadays. We tend to listen to everyone but our inner selves and beginning to do so can be the most powerful part of self discovery for us.

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