Stop Smoking Now

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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Teenage smokers begin a habit which is very difficult to abandon. People who start smoking young, have a very hard time quitting. They have become accustomed to lighting up in reaction to the stressors of daily life. Smokers say they feel more relaxed when a cigarette is lit and also feel more in control. Actually, a smoking habit, controls you, and is in the active process of making you susceptible to some life-ending diseases.

If you agree with the notion that the body is your vessel, to be respected and cared for properly, then the act of smoking cigarettes is clearly a transgression. What does cigarette smoke do? It can cause heart attacks and strokes. It wreaks havoc upon the lungs. At the least, chronic cough and reduced lung capacity are frequent side-effects. Smoking is known to cause lung cancer and emphysema, two diseases which can be fatal. Is smoking really worth potentially shortening your life? What about physical activity? It’s not fun, when going for a walk seems like too much exertion. Smoking reduces lung health. How many athletes do you know who smoke cigarettes? If they do, their careers will be short-lived.

There is also the issue of secondhand smoke to deal with. Secondhand, or passive smoke, is a known human carcinogen. Whether it comes from the lit end of a cigarette, or is exhaled through a smoker’s mouth, the effects can be profound. Smoking in the home, workplace or car, can compromise the health of those around you, as well as your own.

Finally, cigarettes are expensive. If you took that money and put it away weekly, it could be put towards some wonderful recreational use, or be used to buy that new electronic gismo you’ve been lusting after. Searching for a store open late to buy a pack of cigarettes in, will end. You could probably treat yourself to one great meal out per week, for the money you’d be saving.

Imagine, whiter teeth, clothing that doesn’t smell of smoke, and most of all, imagine starting to feel more healthy. It’s like giving yourself the gift of a longer life. You are worth it!

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