Androstenone Pheromone

Written by Josh Dodes
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In recent years, the media has increasingly focused their attention on the popularity of APC (androstenone pheromone concentrate). Unfortunately, knowledge of APC's availability has far outpaced knowledge about how APC really works. And as with so many commercial products, only a true understanding of the mechanism by which it succeeds can help you choose the best source.

Androstenone pheromone concentrate is a laboratory-synthesized version of the pheromones your body already creates. While evolution has gradually reduced the extent to which we secrete pheromones, it has not reduced the extent to which we are hard-wired to react to it. On the contrary, the link between pheromones and attractiveness is as strong as ever.

Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate Can Make the Difference

Indeed, in an age when the average person's pheromones are at a relatively low level, those who avail themselves of APC are likely to be perceived as even more attractive than they would otherwise. APC, like the human pheromones it duplicates, is proven to stimulate the V1RL1 gene that we all share, which in turn triggers our natural mating instincts. Consequently, it is essential to carefully measure the concentration of synthesized pheromone products so as to have a subtle, unperceived impact on others.

Fortunately, a handful of innovative companies have recently begun producing extremely precise concentrations in laboratories that uphold the highest standards. The result is that you can confidently increase your attractiveness without fear that your secret will be revealed. Which makes perfect sense, as confidence is without the use of synthesized pheromones is all about.

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