Better Male Orgasms

Written by Samuel Wong
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There are various ways you can improve your orgasms. There are numerous books and publications on the market today filled with sexual techniques and special diets that claim to make your orgasms more enjoyable. There are also supplements you can take that can make your orgasms last longer or that enable you to have multiple orgasms in one night.

People who have sex on a regular basis often say that lovemaking and its resulting orgasms seem to be better after they've not had sex for a few days. Abstaining from sexual activity, including self-stimulation for two or three days can give you an orgasm that feels more powerful and lasts longer.

You Can Have Better Orgasms

There are also exercises you can do that can help increase your stamina. Most men agree that the longer sexual activity lasts, the better the orgasm can be. These exercises strengthen your Kegel muscles and can be done almost anywhere at any time. The Kegel muscles are the muscles that contract during ejaculation. The next time you use the bathroom, squeeze the muscle that stops the flow of urine. Do these contractions for a few minutes each day and you will find that you can delay ejaculation longer, resulting in a more satisfying orgasm.

One of the easiest ways to achieve better orgasms is simply by communicating with your partner. Tell your partner what feels good and what you enjoy during lovemaking. If you feel that your lovemaking has become somewhat routine, try something new. If you need inspiration, there are various books and videos that can give you countless ideas to spice things up in the bedroom.

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