Chocolate For Lovers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Chocolate is often used by lovers to ignite passion and arousal. Chocolate is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac because it contains phenyl ethylamine. This chemical triggers positive emotions in the brain and is completely safe for the body. Chocolate also contains theobromide, which can increase alertness and provide a sense of well-being. Above all, chocolate is a very rich, sweet, and enjoyable treat for lovers.

How Chocolate Can Be Utilized by Lovers

Studies have shown that chocolate is most effective at improving sexual desire in women, rather than men. Perhaps this is part of the reason that an average 40 percent of women crave chocolate, compared to 15 percent of men. These cravings tend to be more intense in the late afternoon or early evening. Chocolate is a great option for women, since 66 percent of women on average suffer from lack of libido.

Though chocolate contains chemicals that can boost sexual drive in women, the dosage in a typical chocolate bar is not enough to produce noticeable effects. In fact, to completely experience the sexual benefits of chocolate, women would have to eat five pounds of it at one time. Most women would not want to consume that many calories, simply for one night of pleasure. Fortunately, alternate options are available.

Some companies have developed chocolate bars that are designed with women's libidos in mind. These chocolate bars often contain additional herbs and larger doses of phenyl ethylamine to stimulate arousal and excitement. With larger doses of these chemicals in chocolate, women do not have to consume many calories to notice effects. Best of all, the products are generally safe to ingest and taste just like a typical chocolate bar.

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