Do Pheromone Really Work

Written by Josh Dodes
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As more men learn about the availability of synthesized pheromones, it is only natural that the savvy among them will ask: do pheromones really work? The answer, happily, is a resounding yes. In fact, pheromones are by far the most time-tested means by which a man can become more attractive to women.

Science has shown that the natural pheromones that all of our bodies secrete stimulate an identified gene (V1RL1), which in turn triggers the mating instinct. While evolution has reduced somewhat the extent to which we secrete pheromones, it has in no way reduced the extent to which pheromones work. And now, thanks to a handful of innovative manufacturers, you can get back the pheromonal levels of which evolution has robbed you.

How Do Pheromones Really Work Socially?

How do pheromones really work socially? The answer is really, really well. Because synthetic pheromones manufactured in precise concentrations are undetectable, women will find you more attractively subconsciously; in other words, they will want to be with you more, but they won't necessarily know why.

If you are looking for a confidence booster that is consistent and affordable, the best synthetic pheromones might provide just the boost you need. Once you take steps to supplement the natural pheromones that you already secrete, you may be astonished that is has taken you so long to do so. The results, as more and more men have come to realize, speak for themselves.

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