Effects Of Chocolate

Written by BK Shaw
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One major and obvious effect of chocolate is the weight gaining one. No matter how good chocolate is for you, one cannot get around the fact its main ingredients are fat and sugar. All the antioxidants in the world will not diminish the number of calories in each delectable bite. I do know of someone who made a regular meal out of Hershey chocolate bars and a vitamin pill. Needless to say, he didn't put on any weight.

Many studies have recently been completed that explore the effect of chocolate on everything from libido to life expectancy. Some reports even claim that eating chocolate prevents migraine headaches. However, my mother swore that dark chocolate gave her migraine headaches.

Eating chocolate in moderation is supposed to increase the life expectancy by up to one year. Those reports fascinate me as I really question how they can make that deduction. Does the test group eat chocolate or not, and how do the experts really know someone would have died a year earlier, if they hadn't eaten chocolate?

Chocolate and Endorphin Release

We know that the consumption of chocolate releases endorphins, and supposedly these endorphins can act as pain killers. Do they really kill the pain, or are we just in such a euphoric state that we don't notice the pain? Whatever the answer, I'm happy to continue indulging my senses with the joy eating chocolate brings.

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