Erectile Dysfunction

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When a man cannot get or keep an erection, it is called erectile dysfunction. It is a problem faced by millions of men, regardless of age. Some men experience it only once in a while, while for others it is a persistent problem. No matter how often it happens, it is something that most men never want to experience.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. Stress, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, prostate surgery, and many other things can cause a man's performance to suffer. Many men do not want to talk about the problem with their doctors, but it is important that they do. Often, the underlying cause can be cured or controlled.

Men also sometimes have difficulty talking about erectile dysfunction with their partners. They can feel embarrassed or inadequate because they do not realize how common the problem really is. More often than not, partners are more than understanding and are willing to work through the problem. Also, discussing such a sensitive topic can often open new doors of understanding and intimacy, forging a stronger bond between the couple.

Thanks to the Internet there is information out there, but it can be difficult separating the false information from the really helpful advice. There are some pills available for sale that are nothing more than expensive placebos. However, there are also some legitimate supplements that have been proven effective. After consulting with your doctor, trying one of these supplements may be just the thing to get your sex life back into full swing.

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