Female Libido

Written by BK Shaw
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Libido is also referred to as sex drive, and I have read many discussions about male libido versus female libido. One can also think of libido as sexual appetite. One often hears about the disparity between male and female libido in marriages or any long-term relationship. There are several different factors that might contribute to a woman not feeling sexual.

She may be depressed. One might think sex would be the ultimate stimulant for a good mood, but the problem is the person doesn't feel like having sex, because he or she is sad or tired. This is similar to the fact we all know exercise is good for us when we're depressed. Yet the thing that will make us feel better is the last thing we feel like doing. Hence the vicious cycle depression can breed.

Stress may also be a factor curbing the sexual appetite or libido. Most of us would agree sex is a great tool to ease tension. However, just as when we're nervous, we lose our appetites for food, when we're stressed, we can lose our sexual appetites. Not everybody reacts in the same way; I'm sure there are people who have more sex than usual when they are stressed.

Female Libido and Illness

Being sick is not sexy! In the heat of sexual lust, perhaps we are able to overcome our negative self-images created as a result of being ill, and jump into bed. As a general rule of thumb, most people do not feel like having sex when they are ill. If you are the healthy one in the partnership, you might have to exhibit some patience and tolerance until your partner's libido returns to normal!

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