Female Libido Enhancers

Written by BK Shaw
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One of the best ways to enhance female libido is good old-fashioned exercise. Not only does regular exercise result in a sexier body, it makes a woman feel sexy. Additionally, she has more energy as a result of exercise, which means she has more energy in the bedroom. Exercise raises confidence levels and self esteem, all ingredients contributing towards and enhancing sexual libido.

Some women might think that exercise would wear them out and render them useless for sexual activity. Initially, it may feel that way to her, but several hours later or after a couple of weeks of regular exercise, she will find herself in the mood for sex much more often. I know some people who go to the gym and find themselves getting in the mood just by watching other beautiful bodies pumping iron. Personally, I find all that sweat and grunting a bit of a turn-off, but whatever rocks your boat!

So other than the benefits listed above, what else is going on to enhance libido? When we work out, endorphins, testosterone and adrenaline are released into the bloodstream. All these chemicals contribute to the brain chemistry of arousal. It's no wonder then that we finish running five miles, jump in the shower, and then want to have sex!

Does the Type of Workout Routine Matter?

It really doesn't matter whether or not you work out with weights or run five miles. The important factor is to participate in regular exercise two or three times a week. I find some people prefer weight training exercises, while others prefer aerobic exercises. Obviously, weight training will be good for strengthening the body, and depending on the type of sexual activity you pursue, I'm sure there will be some exercises that are more beneficial than others! I think it's time for my workout!

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