Female Pheromones

Written by Josh Dodes
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While male pheromones tend to get more attention in the media, female pheromones are both as powerful and as easily manufactured in the proper laboratory setting. That is good news for women everywhere. After all, while it may sometimes appear to be the case, men are not the only ones who are on the prowl for a competitive edge in appealing to the opposite sex.

Throughout history, and to this very day, both males and females have naturally secreted pheromones through their sweat glands. These pheromones, often considered Nature's aphrodisiac, have been scientifically shown to trigger a gene which both sexes possess, and which triggers the mating instinct in everyone. That means that, while companies that manufacture synthetic pheromones often direct their pitch towards men, women can actually benefit every bit as much from this remarkable product.

The Benefits of Female Pheromones

The myriad benefits of female pheromones can be dramatic. To be sure, used in moderation, they can increase your attractiveness to others without them being aware of why they are so drawn to you. But equally as important, this new level of attractiveness naturally breeds self-confidence, which in itself further increases your attractiveness to men.

Why should men get all of the advantages? It is no wonder that more savvy women are discovering the secrets of synthetically duplicated pheromones. Few methods of attracting others are more time-tested and reliable.

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