Female Sexual Desire

Written by BK Shaw
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Stimulating sexual desire in a female can be a full-time job if the female has a low sex drive. Since men are driven by testosterone and certain areas of their anatomies, it can be hard for them to relate to the fact a woman may just not be thinking about sex eight out of every ten seconds. It may also be difficult for them to imagine that it can be more effective to stimulate a woman's brain than her body, at least in the beginning.

A woman's partner must make a strong effort to really understand what makes her tick sexually. We all have our sexual cues, our hot buttons, certain scenarios, tastes, moves that stimulate sexual desire. Do you know what they are in your partner? If not, why don't you know? When we meet, we want to know everything about our potential mate; why shouldn't this include getting to know her sexually?

When you initiate sex with a woman, are you doing it out of habit? When one considers that there is a correlation between sex drive and appetite for food, it is not hard to imagine having sex out of habit. How often do we eat meals routinely rather than out of desire to actually taste and experience the food ingested?

Presentation and Sex

I have heard it said that a good meal is 90 percent presentation and one tenth quality food. If that is so, presentation will go a long way to stimulating sexual desire. Are you romantic when it comes to expressing your need for sex? If your partner is a little slow on the acceptance of your offer for sex, maybe the offer should include something appealing like soft music or edible aphrodisiacs?

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