Herbal Libido Supplements

Written by BK Shaw
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Those who suffer from libido problems can choose to take prescription drugs or natural herbal libido supplements to correct the issues. Prescription drugs can be very effective, yet they are not usually beneficial for overall health. They may also cause unwanted side effects. For instance, side effects of Viagra may include nasal congestion, irregular heartbeats, blood pressure changes, chest pains, visual disturbances, nausea, headache, and flushes. Herbal libido supplements are a good alternative because they are generally safe to take and do not cause any major side effects.

Ingredient Options in Herbal Libido Supplements

Both men and women can experience the libido boosting effects of herbal libido supplements. Many types of supplements are available for this purpose. Some are designed only for men and others only for women. Some supplements contain ingredients that are effective for both men and women. Before choosing the right supplement, it is important to realize the function of each ingredient that can be found in different libido supplements.

Ingredients such as phenyl ethylamine and damiana are especially valuable to women. Damiana is known as the "woman's sexuality herb." It has alkaloids that stimulate the nerves and sexual organs of females. Phenyl ethylamine can be found in supplements for women, and it also naturally occurs in chocolate. This ingredient helps to produce feelings of love, attraction, and sexual desire in the brain. Ingredients such as maca and yohimbe can increase libido for both men and women, but seem to be slightly more effective for women.

Ingredients such as sarsaparilla, zinc, and vitamin A are especially beneficial for men. Sarsaparilla provides men with a testosterone-like substance that can aid in libido enhancement. Zinc actually stimulates the production of testosterone in men. Men with low levels of zinc in their systems have been known to experience impotency, lower sperm count, and a lowered sex drive. While Vitamin A is also beneficial for women, it is especially effective for maintaining healthy sperm levels for men.

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