Herbal Sexual Supplements

Written by BK Shaw
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Herbal sexual supplements make great alternatives to prescription drugs. Prescription drugs, such as Viagra, are available to improve libido and sexual performance. However, as with all drugs, side effects may be present. Possible side effects of Viagra include nausea, headache, flushes, nasal congestion, irregular heartbeats, blood pressure changes, chest pains, and visual disturbances. By taking natural supplements, you can avoid the pesky side effects of prescription drugs.

Ingredients in Herbal Sexual Supplements

Herbal sexual supplements are available for both men and women. Some ingredients are more effective for one sex than the other. For instance, phenyl ethylamine and damiana are beneficial for women, while sarsaparilla and zinc are more valuable for males. Some ingredients are effective for both sexes. These ingredients may include arginine, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, ginko biloba, yohimbe, maca, kelp, and horny goat weed.

Each ingredient in herbal sexual supplements has a specific function. For instance, sarsaparilla contains a testosterone-like substance that can benefit men. Zinc also helps men with the production of testosterone. It is important to have sufficient levels of zinc because low levels can reduce sex drive, potency, sperm count, and sexual health over time. Women with low levels of zinc in their system may also experience dryness that can inhibit sexual relations.

Phenyl ethylamine is a chemical that occurs naturally in the brain when women experience feelings of love. By taking phenyl ethylamine orally, women can stimulate the production of this chemical in the brain and may become more sexually aroused. This ingredient can be found naturally in chocolate and is found in many sexual supplements as well. Damiana is known as the "woman's sexuality herb." It contains alkaloids that stimulate the nerves and sexual organs directly.

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