How To Attract Women

Written by Josh Dodes
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For decades, the question of how to attract women has spawned entire industries that claim to have the answer. However, while there may be a number of ways to impress or attract women, only one method is proven to work on women everywhere. That method, of course, is the secretion of natural pheromones.

Pheromones are Nature's own aphrodisiac, triggering the mating instinct in a way that is both invisible and incredibly powerful. While evolution has robbed us of some measure of this natural primal essence, it has not reduced its ability to affect women. As a result, the only surefire means to increase your attractiveness to women is to increase the level of pheromones.

How to Attract Women the Natural Way

While we cannot reverse the evolutionary decrease in our pheromonal secretion levels, a handful of impressive manufacturers have recently devised an equally effective solution. By identifying the gene that pheromones stimulate and the precise molecular compound that enables it to do so, top scientists have discovered that natural pheromones can in fact be duplicated in a laboratory environment. That means that if you know where to look, you can now get back the natural aphrodisiac of which evolution has gradually robbed us.

Of course, discretion is of the essence when it comes to increasing your attractiveness. Fortunately, the best synthetic pheromones are able to increase your sex appeal without calling any attention to themselves. That means you can now discover how to attract women the natural way.

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