Human Pheromone

Written by Josh Dodes
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Human pheromones have long been considered Nature's own aphrodisiac. And no wonder: the chemical compound at the heart of human pheromones is scientifically proven to trigger mating instincts in men and women alike. But if pheromones are a biological product, how can we hope to control their level of effect?

The answer, until recently, was that we could not. After all, pheromones are naturally secreted via sweat glands and there is no proven way to control the levels of pheromones we secrete. Recently, however, an innovative new solution has arisen.

Increasing Human Pheromones

We cannot control the real thing, but for the first time, we can supplement it with a synthetic version that is every bit as effective--and utterly controllable. Of course, only synthetic pheromones manufactured in a laboratory that meets ASTM and ISO standards can be trusted to possess just the right level of concentration for social settings. Concentration matters, as a concentration too weak will not represent a significant advantage and a concentration too strong can be perceived as aggressive or offensive.

Fortunately, the best manufacturers in the business distinguish themselves by maintaining rigorous laboratory standards. That means that if you know where to look, you can now have a social advantage which is 100% guaranteed. With so much on the line, can you truly afford to settle for less?

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