Increase Libido

Written by BK Shaw
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If someone told me to eat more, I'm sure I would exercise to stimulate my appetite. Maybe I would take an herbal stimulant to increase appetite. My other option would be to put as much food in front of me as I could. The same goes for increasing libido. It can be hard to increase libido in a long-term relationship, and one cure for that is to have sex more often.

This sounds very simplistic. However, the repercussions are very positive. Trying to have sex in a long-term relationship can feel like procrastination at its worst. It seems like it's impossible to take the first step. Then we take the first step and find ourselves caught up in the process, and we're actually enjoying it. Hopefully, we wonder why we're not having more sex, because it feels so good. If this isn't the case, perhaps we're with the wrong person!

Maybe it feels as though there isn't enough time in the day to be sexual, and we blame it on not feeling sexual. This feeling seems to occur more often in a long-term relationship. There's nothing wrong with planning a date to have sex, and actually setting time aside for the event. Maybe appointment setting doesn't sound like it would increase libido at all, but the anticipation of the upcoming event can be quite arousing.

Sex Starts in the Brain

If you're really looking to increase libido, you will start with the brain. Women's libido particularly can be increased by activating the brain cells. Planning a sexy date requires mental action; it might also require a sexy phone call to arrange the date! What are you waiting for?

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