Increase Sexual Desire

Written by BK Shaw
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It is accepted that sex drive is much like an appetite for food. Without too much stress in life, it will remain fairly constant. Things that will affect it adversely are depression, alcoholism, medication or major diseases like diabetes. As we get older, many people will retain their sex drives. However, others will experience a dwindling in appetite, because the body produces less testosterone.

This can affect both men and women. Men have between 10 and 20 times more testosterone than women, and this can account for the difference in sex drive between men and women. Doctors will try to prescribe the missing chemical during what is typically called "menopause" in an effort to increase sexual desire. This is not without risk and is not always successful.

Women who take testosterone supplements have been reported to experience a significant increase in sexual desire. They have also found themselves thinking about sex constantly, wanting sex often and reaching orgasm easily. Obvious side effects are facial hair and acne, and unless one is thinking about making a permanent change, facial hair is not sexy.

Women Who Want More Sex

Women with low sex drives who want to have more sex must concentrate on lowering stress levels and developing situations conducive to having sex. For a woman with a low sex drive, any daily distraction will be the perfect excuse for not having sex. She must find a lover who is interested in lots of foreplay and is passionate about the slow, regular art of seduction.

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