Increase Sperm Count

Written by Samuel Wong
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We've all heard the old wives tales and stories about methods used to increase sperm count. Some involve changing your diet by increasing your consumption of foods that contain zinc. Others require you to wear different underwear, claiming that boxer shorts don't overheat your testicles the way that briefs do.

Couples that are planning to have a baby are probably most concerned about ways to increase sperm count. Many of today's daily medications, including those to treat allergies and depression, can reduce sperm count and reduce sex drive, which can interfere with the conception of a child. While it may be easier to stop taking anti-allergy medication for a period of time, it is not as easy to stop taking antidepressants for any length of time, as the side effects may kill sex drive altogether.

Conceive More Easily with More Sperm

Certain dietary supplements have been shown to be effective at increasing sperm count. Some supplements increase sperm count as well as the volume of ejaculatory fluid, resulting in better orgasms for the man, and a better chance of conception for the woman. Many of these supplements can be taken along with prescription drugs with little or no risk of side effects.

An increased sperm count also goes a long way at increasing feelings of virility and self esteem. The better a man feels about himself, the better he will perform in the bedroom. A healthy sexual relationship is often a good foundation for a healthy marriage or other long-term relationship.

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